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 Welcome To The Lust Event Space

 I want to plan an event, how does it work?

Step 1.
Decide the Style 


The "style" is how you want to arrange the content and guests that best matches the purpose of the event. We have made several different space arrangements to demonstrate whats possible! But you can design the space any way you want to!

Step 2.
Estimate your event details.

It makes event organizing more streamline when you can arrange details such as guest count, budget, time length, etc. But we are always in reach if you have any questions your not sure of!

Step 3.
Chat to us!


We are always here to help! If you are in the early stages (or even late) in event planning, come talk with us and we will meet the best arrangement possible for your group!


What are we allowed to host?

Almost anything!

We most frequently work with student groups but we have catered for dinners, conferences, congresses, live streams, workshops, performances, parties, audiovisual exhibitions, pop up shop and even wine-tasting.  Where ever your creativity lands, we would love to hear about it!

Here are some of the local organisations we work to organise events with. 

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